Our Services


What to expect when working with us

    • We meet with you to discuss your wants and needs for your dream project 
    • Develop a project scope, budget, and timeline
Project Development

    • Collaborate with architects, engineers, and subcontractors 
    • Develop the design documents and specifications for permitting
Project Oversight
    • Our construction team manages and supervises the project 
    • We meet with you frequently to discuss progress on the project 

Design and Construction Services

  • We offer a variety of methods to design and construct projects throughout Upstate SC areas and neighboring North Carolina areas
  • We construct residential homes and developments 
  • We construct commercial projects such as hotels, gas stations, medical offices, office buildings, car washes, and more
Land search and land development
  • Indu Vakharia and Kavita Borsum are licensed Real Estate agents who assist in finding land for their project, negotiations and closing. 
  • We oversee the preliminary plans, zoning research, cost estimates, discussions with financial institutions, obtaining surveys and any testing involved
  • We guide our clients through the land development process and collaborate with engineers, City, and County officials

Design Build Contracts
  • The design build contract lends itself for working with the client, architects, engineers, sub-contractors up front, developing the project and budget together
  • This turn-key method usually has a faster construction time

Fixed Price Contract or Design-Bid
  • Typically used when a final set of drawings is presented and has very specific requirements
  • The General Contractor has given a bid for the entire project based on a set of drawings and the client has limited input 
  • Usually the most competitive pricing approach

Construction Management
  • We schedule and supervise all construction activities, order material and review sub-contractor pricing with the client before issuing agreements
  • A true team effort that allows the most personalization and promotes the most financial interest of the client
  • Typically uses this method with our repeat clients